Joseph Koensgen is a Canadian wildlife and nature artist. His keen interest in nature, combined with artistic talent means that he is able to bring his experiences to life through the brush, creating vibrant and realistic pieces of art. His art has been recognized by receiving two People’s Choice awards at Art Expo, and in 2013, was featured in an article, “30 Under 30, Young Artists Revolutionizing the World of Fine Art”, in Art Business News Magazine. He is a member of the Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative, and Artists for Conservation. His concern for the natural world is a strong motivator for creating such work, with the hope that it will bring to attention the need to protect the wild places he paints. He has been selected three times to be a part of the Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio, a program to use artwork from talented artists to raise funds and awareness for wetland conservation across Canada. He is currently living in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he continues to work on creating new and unique pieces of wildlife art that are inspired by experiences, and a desire to protect the natural world.

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Frost – 10 x 16″

The Bohemian Waxwing is another one of my favourite backyard birds. I always anticipate the time when they would return in late winter in large numbers, covering the trees and eating all the frozen berries still clinging to the branches. Slightly different from the cedar waxwing, it’s range is a bit farther north and they are quite nomadic within their territory as many of the berries they eat are only around for a short time before they move on. It has no true song because it moves around so much and has no territory to defend, but shares some of the smooth colouring and bright yellow edges on the wing and tail feathers of the other waxwing species. Always a great winter sight.




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afc_festival-logo-no-yearDates have been confirmed for the Artists For Conservation Festival, 2015. Joseph Koensgen’s painting, Springtime Afterglow and Across the Valley, have been selected for inclusion in the show. The show runs from September 10 -12, Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver BC, and September 19 – 30, at the Spirit Gallery on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver.