Joseph Koensgen is a Canadian wildlife and nature artist. His keen interest in nature, combined with artistic talent means that he is able to bring his experiences to life through the brush, creating vibrant and realistic pieces of art. His art has been recognized by receiving two People’s Choice awards at Art Expo, and in 2013, was featured in an article, “30 Under 30, Young Artists Revolutionizing the World of Fine Art”, in Art Business News Magazine. He is a member of the Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative, and Artists for Conservation. His concern for the natural world is a strong motivator for creating such work, with the hope that it will bring to attention the need to protect the wild places he paints. He has been selected five times to be a part of the Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio, a program to use artwork from talented artists to raise funds and awareness for wetland conservation across Canada. He is currently living in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he continues to work on creating new and unique pieces of wildlife art that are inspired by experiences, and a desire to protect the natural world.



Latest Artwork

Gold and Blossoms – 10 x 16″

Birdwatching was a major part of my life when I was young, and still is today. I would sit and watch birds in the backyard, trying to photograph and see the different kinds I could attract at different times of the year. The summer would bring many different kinds to the feeder and I really liked seeing the return of the gold finch. Their bright yellow and their black wings are a contrast in the greens of summer. They also have a really pleasant song is very recognizable when I hear them fly by. This is another painting in my ongoing series of Backyard Birds that will be little snapshots of birds, common and uncommon, that I’ve seen throughout my life.



Autumn Light – 8 x 12″
Fall is my favourite season. The colours are so vibrant and it’s great seeing the landscape change from the green of summer, to the yellows, oranges and reds of autumn. It also marks the migration for many birds and it’s often a treat to see the many birds that are passing through on the backyard feeder as they make their way south. I’ve especially liked the purple finch, seeing them both in the spring and the fall is always a welcome sight. I usually try and get out as much as I can and experience the colours of the fall, to take it in for the seemingly short time that they are around. 




Hummingbird – 14 x 30″

When I spend time at the lake in the summer, I like the opportunity to see as much wildlife as I can. From the very large, to the very small – and one of the most unique small birds of the forest that has always fascinated me is the hummingbird. Sitting by the feeder and waiting for them to come by, I’d often watch them perch on the surrounding trees for a while before making an attempt at the feeder for a few seconds before being chased off by another trying to guard their food source. Their agility and speed are quite impressive to watch. Their wings flapping at up to 80 beats per second propelling them through the air, or keeping them in a motionless hover. This still moment was always one of my favourite things to watch, as they slow it all down to perch on a branch and watch their surroundings, before flying off out of sight.




Recent News

New print! A small edition of 40 Artist’s Proof prints are now available. Forest Patrol was selected for the 2016 Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio and edition of high quality fine are lithographic prints were made from the original artwork. Visit the Prints page for more details.