Joseph Koensgen is a Canadian wildlife and nature artist. His keen interest in nature, combined with artistic talent means that he is able to bring his experiences to life through the brush, creating vibrant and realistic pieces of art. His art has been recognized by receiving two People’s Choice awards at Art Expo, and in 2013, was featured in an article, “30 Under 30, Young Artists Revolutionizing the World of Fine Art”, in Art Business News Magazine. He is a member of the Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative, and Artists for Conservation. His concern for the natural world is a strong motivator for creating such work, with the hope that it will bring to attention the need to protect the wild places he paints. He has been selected six times to be a part of the Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio, and has had the distinct honour of being selected as Artist of the Year for 2018. The program uses artwork from talented artists to raise funds and awareness for wetland conservation across Canada. He is currently living in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he continues to work on creating new and unique pieces of wildlife art that are inspired by experiences, and a desire to protect the natural world.



Latest Artwork

Silence in the Frost – 24 x 36″

I’ve only ever had a few sightings of the elusive Great Grey Owl, and though they don’t stick around too long for me to observe them, each time was something special. I really love their shape and colour. The large round head and facial discs, perfectly suited for hearing it’s very quiet prey. There’s a sense of mystery with this bird, and the piercing yellow eyes are a contrast to it’s grey feathers. To me, this scene was the perfect compliment to this bird, as these frosty mornings are quiet, grey and full of mystery, just like this fantastic bird of prey. The time and patience it took to paint all these frosted branches was worth it, as the stillness of winter is greatly displayed on a frosty morning. However, at any moment, this Owl will take off, and disappear in to the forest.



Autumn Snow – 10 x 16″

Autumn is my favourite season. And though the leaves don’t last very long, it’s a pleasure to get out there and experience it. An early snowfall covers these red chokecherry leaves and the usual fall birds are around to add some life to the landscape. The Junco’s are a common sight around this time of year, and though they don’t have the brilliant colour of the other birds, I enjoy seeing their consistent presence in the backyard. They have always been a reminder of the time of year as I see them hopping around on the ground looking for seeds that have made their way to the forest floor.




Evening Glow – 22 x 40″

A fresh snowfall in the late winter when the water begins to open up brings great contrast to the landscape. Birds are returning to northern breeding grounds, and Trumpeter Swans are some of the most beautiful among them. Large and bright white, they glow in the evening sunlight, matching the snow covered rocks in the stream. I loved the contrast and similarity of colour in this painting and evening light is my favourite kind of light. Though of I’ve only had a few sightings of these magnificent birds, each has been something special. And hearing their call, it’s apparent why they have their name.




Recent News








Joseph Koensgen’s piece, Territory, has been chosen for Artist of the Year for the 2018 Ducks Unlimited Canada, National Art Portfolio. This is the first year, Joseph has been selected for this honour. Prints will be available from the Ducks Unlimited Canada website, and sealed bid auction sites.  


New print! A small edition of 40 Artist’s Proof prints are now available. Forest Patrol was selected for the 2016 Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio and edition of high quality fine are lithographic prints were made from the original artwork. Visit the Prints page for more details.