Winnipeg artist Joseph Koensgen, has been drawing and painting from a young age. Born in 1984, he has always been fascinated with, and inspired by the world around him. It was this fascination and inclination for art meant that his subjects were mostly animals in nature. While he has enjoyed nature and desired to learn more about his surroundings, he now paints with the hope that his appreciation for the natural world can be shared with others.

As he was growing up, he was often recognized by his peers as having a natural talent and his work received many art awards in school. Being self-taught, he began to paint wildlife in natural settings in acrylics at the age of 15, studying the art of his favourite wildlife painters as he continued to develop his skill and technique. In 2008 he progressed into painting the nature scenes that he so skillfully creates today. His detailed and thoughtful scenes depict snapshots of nature as though the viewer has simply walked into a moment in time. Something that could change at any moment. He works hard to represent nature accurately all while creating rich artist pieces which reflect his commitment to the preservation of wildlife and nature.

His creativity is inspired directly from nature, going outside with a camera to capture the images that he sees which he then sketches and eventually come to life on canvas. In 2009, Joseph received the The People’s Choice Award at the very first showing of his work at the Manitoba Art Expo. For a first time artist, his work was extremely well received and appreciated. In 2013 he was featured in an article, 30 Under 30, “Young Artists Revolutionizing the World of Fine Art”, in Art Business News Magazine. He is a member of Artists For Conservation and has been selected to be a part of the Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. His passion for conservation is evident in the organizations he partners with and his appreciation for the natural world is apparent with the care he takes in creating his paintings. 

Going forward as he continues to develop momentum in his painting, he also continues to expand his research, travel and subject material. His desire is to bring his experiences to people through his creative interpretations of what he has seen. That his art will create a sense of wonder and awareness for the importance of protecting the natural world.